The Orthopaedic Network is a non-profitable and non-affiliated group set-up by professionals within the Trauma & Orthopaedic community in the United Kingdom.

We aim to represent, convey, facilitate and promote issues pertaining to our professional and social wellbeing as well as charitable and welfare initiatives. As individuals within this field this provides us with an advantageous and distinct position which is independent of any political or institutional pressures or leanings.

Charities Supported


Since its conception in Kashmir, READ Foundation has now established projects ranging from formal education to non-formal education. Each project ensures that even though education is their core, other basic needs are also met, such as access to clean latrines, clean water, mental health programmes through psychosocial support, health and food.


NHS Charities Together is a collective experience representing, supporting and championing the work of the NHS’ official charities. NHS Charities give £1million a day to the NHS, providing vital funds to help the NHS do more. Through NHS Charities Together member charities collaborate on nationwide fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

Focussed on creating long term and sustainable health solutions and providing medical relief and humanitarian aid to those in need. Currently operating in Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi.

St Gemma's hospice, a Leeds-based charity providing expert care and support for local people with terminal illnesses. They offer specialist medical and nursing care to thousands of local people each year and offer invaluable support to their families and friends. Opened in 1978, they are the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in England.

This organisation was born after the 2005 earthquake that struck South East Asia. They are led by a Doctors and Business leaders in the UK to build and maintain charitable hospitals in areas that were affected.


The Beehive Trust exists to inspire and encourage integration, we want to form a shared future and sense of belonging within the wider community. We recognise that there aren’t enough integrated activities within many communities and we want to help change this by organising and supporting events and activities which bring people together. 

We have supported Wood Street Mission in the UK, Human Aid in The Gambia with an orphanage, held free camps in Bangladesh to name a few.